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About Phenomenal®

A cross of English Lavender and angustifolia types, Phenomenal® is one of those rare lucky hybrids that inherited all the good genes from both parents. Like English lavenders, it thrives in warmer and cooler climates than traditional lavenders. Like the angustifolias, it produces beautifully long stems, a wonderful fragrance, and high-grade oils. Exceptionally tolerant of harsh winters, it is an easy-to-grow lavender that resists the effects of humidity in the summer.

Traditional lavenders are specialists in one lavender role or another, but Phenomenal® is the first plant that does nearly all the jobs required of a lavender: garden plant, herb, culinary oil, fragrance, and farm production. It accomplishes these tasks in a much wider range of soil, climate, and weather as well, making it a single source for nearly all the functions we expect a lavender to perform.

About the Breeder

Peace Tree Farm is family-run by the head, heart, and hands of Lloyd, Candy, and Alex Traven. They have grown herbs, vegetables, and rarities for over 35 years, and they are enthusiastic about lavenders. Since the beginning, they have grown over 15 different cultivars commercially. This wealth of experience prepared them for the perfect lavender when they spotted the very unusual sport that eventually became Phenomenal®.

Located in Kintnersville, in the countryside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Peace Tree Farm encompasses an acre of greenhouses on a historic 25-acre farm. Purchased by Lloyd and Candy Traven in 1983, the property was named Peace Tree Farm, inspired by the Native American word tohickon which means peace tree.

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Contact Us

If you need further information about Lavender Phenomenal® you can reach our Director of Marketing, Katie Endicott, at the phone number listed below. The breeders of Phenomenal® can return calls and queries but they run a busy farm so their general availability is mixed and changes with the seasons.

  • 295 Park Drive West
  • Kintnersville, PA 18930

  • Tel: (610) 847-8152
  • Fax: (610) 847-5287
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Facebook: LavenderPhenomenal

Want to propagate Lavender Phenomenal®?

You need to obtain a license in order to take cuttings or propagate Phenomenal® for your production.

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