Phenomenal® Literature

A number of people have written about Lavender Phenomenal®.

Lavender for Northern Gardens

Published by the Chicago Botanic Garden in 2017. An in-depth report of 40 different cultivars, grown over seven years in the Chicago area. The researchers tested for hardiness in zone 5, ornamental attributes, and longevity in the landscape. Phenomenal® was a top-rated lavender, noted for exceptional flower production and vigorous habit.

Sutton Flowers Catalog for Spring 2018

The English retailer Suttons featured Phenomenal® on the cover of their 2018 Catalog. Inside they feature the plant with a half-page spotlight: “Have you tried to grow lavender in the past and failed? The lavender for all gardens which grows in sun, shade, wet and dry! Phenomenal® won’t let you down! It’s the lavender for sunny borders AND shady corners.”

Culture Report: Lavender Phenomenal®

GPN Magazine published a lengthy article detailing the propagation of Phenomenal® for fellow professionals, written by Lloyd. It goes into detail about cuttings, plugs, timing, chemistries, pinching, drainage, vernalization, and more.

Lavender Rooting Culture

Similar but different from the GPN article, these are Lloyd’s propagation notes with lessons learned from personal experience. These are undistilled notes with warnings, CAPS, and exclamation points. He’s not shy about the points he emphasizes.

Phenomenal® Culture Notes

A summary of the culture (front) and cultural notes written for the trade professional interested in growing Phenomenal® as a crop.

The New World Classic

Sell sheet written for consumers and retailers, describing the advantages of Phenomenal®. 

Small Z-Fold Brochure

A small Z-fold brochure that summarizes the advantages of Phenomenal®

Writing About Phenomenal®?

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