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A number of people have written about Lavender Phenomenal®.

Granny’s flowers these are not: Two perennials that deserve a revival

  • Adrian Higgins
  • February 14, 2018

Adrian reviews the recent report from the Chicago Botanic Garden from personal experience, focusing on the lavenders and phlox.

Suttons Flower Catalog for Spring 2018

The English retailer Suttons featured Phenomenal® on the cover of their 2018 Catalog. Inside, they feature the plant with a half-page spotlight: “Have you tried to grow lavender in the past and failed? The lavender for all gardens which grows in sun, shade, wet, and dry! Phenomenal® won’t let you down! It’s the lavender for sunny borders AND shady corners.”

Lavender plant has phenomenal potential

  • Vicki Johnson
  • May 28, 2017

A review of lavender from personal experience. “I have planted dozens of lavender plants over the years and very few of them have survived more than two to three years,” Vicki writes. “I’m very happy to report that the two Phenomenal® lavenders I planted in my garden a year ago not only survived last winter, they seem to have thrived—in unusual conditions.”

How to Grow Phenomenal Lavender Even if You Live in Zone 3

  • June, 2015

Joybilee Farm has a lot of experience growing lavender in British Columbia, which they share in their blog post.

“Lavender is the herb I most love to grow. I love the smell. I love walking past a plant in the garden and brushing the leaves. I love that it’s practically carefree. That is it’s carefree unless you live in zone 3. Learning how to grow lavender is tricky if you live on a mountain in zone 3. But I’ve been growing lavender in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, in zone 3 where there is frost in July. (I’m not exaggerating!) If I can grow lavender you can grow lavender. In fact, you probably can grow Phenomenal® lavender.”

Lavender Pond Farm is Phenomenal

  • May 07, 2015

“Now before you think we’re getting too big for our pots, when we say we’re Phenomenal, we mean that in the most literal context and with a capital P. You see, one of our workhorse plants on our Connecticut lavender farm is Lavandula x intermedia Phenomenal®. Discovered by Lloyd and Candy Traven of Peace Tree Farm in Pennsylvania, this new cultivar was named a Must-Grow Perennial for 2013 by Better Homes and Gardens.”

l’ve Never Met a Better Lavender—It’s Phenomenal!

  • Kylee Baumie
  • February 5, 2015

An Ohio garden writer pens a long article reviewing Phenomenal®. “But when spring came,” she writes, “guess what happened? I lost every single one of my well-established lavenders, but the Phenomenal® did just fine.”

Lavender is a timeless fragrance that everyone can enjoy

  • Lorraine Kiefer
  • June 1, 2014

An extended review of lavender with a focus on Phenomenal®. “Word got out that the lavender called Lavendula x intermedia Phenomenal® was to outshine all other lavender,” Lorraine writes.

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