Why Switch?

Lavenders sell more than hostas and daylillies for reasons unique to them: ornamental, garden, medicinal, aroma, oils, fresh and dried stems, buds, distilling, brewing, and decorative arts.

Phenomenal® is becoming the gold standard because it has proven to be the easiest and most consistent performer for propagators, growers and retailers.

Consumers ask for it by name.

Easy to Source

Phenomenal® can be sourced from a network of licensed rooting stations and unrooted cuttings from top cutting farms. A wide variety of plug sizes are shipped by propagators in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In the United States, licensing is handled by the Miami office of RAI North America. Internationally, licensing is handled by Plants IPP BV in the Netherlands.

Crop Consistency

In production, Phenomenal® delivers a crop that has been described as a bench of little tin soldiers. Each one grows to the same height. Unlike other hardy lavenders there is no lumpiness where the height of the crop rises and falls. You also see this consistency towards the edge of the greenhouse where the temperature might fall a little, or at the edges of a bench where water isn’t as generous as it is in the middle.

This consistency also translates into sell-through. Production crops have very few dead cells, which means less labor replacing empties and more initial starts finishing up as sellable product.

Proven in Trials and Tests

Phenomenal® exhibits strong hardiness, tolerates drought, has exceptional year-round beauty, and has been tested and proven widely. Richard Hawke of the Chicago Botanic Gardens published a report of seven years of trials of lavenders for northern conditions. Lavender Phenomenal® was the only intermedia to get a coveted 4.5 star rating. One thing that sets it apart is its ability to handle the heat and humidity of southern U.S. conditions far better than any other cultivar.

  • Trial
    Chicago Botanic Gardens
  • Trial
    Dallas Arboretum
  • Trial
    State Botanical Garden of Georgia

A Robust Plant

As shown in this trial photo, Phenomenal® delivers a better crop because it puts a great deal of energy into building a better system of roots to support a better top.

This vigor appears up and down its various lifestages: as rootings for better production throughput, in the garden as a better perennial, and in commercial systems to produce high quality oils in quantity.

More Successful for More People

Unqiue among lavenders, Phenomenal® has a forgiving nature when it comes to soil, zones and climate. It doesn’t have that fussiness that traditional cultivars are known for, so typical gardeners in more places can grow it. This also translates into less grief and higher quality for the lavender professional.

Propagators that have taken on Phenomenal® have reported the cultivar ranks as their best-selling lavender, often replacing several previous cultivars. They have tapped into the demand building up in the market for a general purpose lavender that does well in a wider range of garden and production environments.

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