Lavender You Can Grow

Lavender Phenomenal® replaces a number of earlier cultivars like ‘Grosso’, ‘Hidcote’, ‘Provence’, and ‘Munstead’. It accomplishes this by being a generally well-rounded lavender with strengths in several areas, not just one. This is where the hybrid strength of Phenomenal® draws on the best traits of both English and French lavenders.

Phenomenal’s® popularity in the garden can be traced back to its broad geographic footprint for success, and its forgiving nature towards mistakes that gardeners might make.

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Craft and Cooking Work

With one of the highest essential oil contents of any lavender variety, Phenomenal® is intensely fragrant and delicious. It imparts a lovely flavor to foods, and the scent lasts a long time in craft projects. Oil-rich Phenomenal® works well in projects or production systems where a lavender of high quality and generous volume is expected to be used.

Exceptionally beautiful flowers make Lavender Phenomenal® a great addition to centerpieces and bouquets. With its elevated levels of essential oils, Phenomenal® adds fragrance to dried arrangements, sachets and potpourri, soap-making, and other crafts. As a cut flower it’s especially desirable with very high flower counts per stem, plus the flowers can remain fragrant even a year after drying.

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For the Pollinators

A number of consumers, when writing their online reviews, have noticed that Phenomenal® attracts pollinators like crazy. “A bee magnet,” says one, and another notes that all the neighborhood butterflies and bees come to her house. Phenomenal® blooms earlier than most lavandins and when it blooms, it blooms generously. Each spike has hundreds of little flowers that open up, from bottom to top, over time. This gives the beneficial insects the advantage of a sustained feeding station for spring and summer needs. Both the color and the scent of Phenomenal® advertise its nectar to the surrounding area—and the response is impressive.

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