Lavender You Can Grow

Lavender Phenomenal® replaces a number of earlier cultivars like ‘Grosso’, ‘Hidcote’, ‘Provence’, and ‘Munstead’. It accomplishes this by being a generally well-rounded lavender with strengths in several areas, not just one. This is where the hybrid strength of Phenomenal® draws on the best traits of both English and French lavenders.

Phenomenal’s® popularity in the garden can be traced back to its broad geographic footprint for success, and its forgiving nature towards mistakes that gardeners might make.


Phenomenal® delivers the fragrance and good looks that people expect from a lavender, and it does so with gusto.

As a result, it rewards the homeowner with remarkable fragrance and flower presentations from spring to summer. Growing about three feet tall, it can be used to create:
- Hedge rows of lavender blooms, mimicking the beautiful look of a lavender farm
- Display centerpieces for a garden bed
- Property or garden borders for home or commercial clients
- Mass plantings to attract neighborhood butterflies and bees

This highly fragrant, deer-proof lavender works beautifully when sited along walkways, paths, and fence lines. If you are trying to recreate the look of French lavender fields, this is the variety you want. It is a great choice for commercial landscapes because of its exceptional winter survivability.
Phenomenal’s® purple-blue spikes are loaded with hundreds of flowers on each stem, which attracts bees and butterflies like crazy.
In warmer climates it stays evergreen in the winter. Its foliage does not have the winter dieback commonly seen in other hardy lavenders.

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