Craft and Cooking Work

With one of the highest essential oil contents of any lavender variety, Phenomenal® is intensely fragrant and delicious. It imparts a lovely flavor to foods, and the scent lasts a long time in craft projects. Oil-rich Phenomenal® works well in projects or production systems where a lavender of high quality and generous volume is expected to be used.

Exceptionally beautiful flowers make Lavender Phenomenal® a great addition to centerpieces and bouquets. With its elevated levels of essential oils, Phenomenal® adds fragrance to dried arrangements, sachets and potpourri, soap-making, and other crafts. As a cut flower it’s especially desirable with very high flower counts per stem, plus the flowers can remain fragrant even a year after drying.

Phenomenal® can produce large amounts of essential oils because the plant does not die back to its stem during the winter. This is an unusual trait for a lavender cultivar. As a result, more plant tissues create more essential oils earlier in the season. As it grows, it shapes itself into large mounds with very long flower spikes projecting out from the crown, uniformly, in every direction. The large numbers of very long, very desirable stems are well suited for many lavender crafts that won’t work with shorter varieties because the quality of the stems is important—such as woven wreaths, braided bundles, or thick bouquets.

To preserve the highest quality from your Phenomenal® harvest, timing and handling are important.

The best time to harvest lavender is when the bottom flowers of each stem on the plant just begin to open. This is when the lavender is at its peak for scent and color. Cut the plant at the base of the stems near the foliage and bundle them together.

  • Harvest the lavender stems when approximately half of the flower buds have opened.
  • Harvest in the morning hours when the oils are the most concentrated.
  • Cut stems as long as possible. Gather into bundles and secure them with rubber bands.
  • Dry the bundles of lavender in a cool, dark place where there is good air circulation.

Phenomenal® Uses

  • HERB: Fresh or dried herb; as a kitchen herb or as a topiary
  • DECOR: Cut flower in vases, centerpieces, bouquets, or lavender bundles; as a dried flower in arrangements and wreaths
  • BATH & BODY: Soaps, bath salts, linen sprays, and body scrubs
  • CRAFTS: Candles, cards, lavender dolls, and lavender wands
  • FRAGRANCE: Herbal sachets, potpourri, and pomander balls 
  • COOKING: Cakes, chocolates, cookies, ice cream, jellies, scones, meats, and garnishes
  • BEVERAGES: Lemonades, teas, and cocktails

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